Benefits of early rising dialogue

Write a dialogue between Kamrul and Jamal about the benefits of early rising. Ans :

Kamrul: Hello, Jamal.

Jamal : Oh! Hello Kamrul

Kamrul : What’s the matter ? You look worried.

Jamal : I am worried about my results. I am not getting good marks

Kamrul : But why?

Jamal : I don’t know. I just can’t finish my lessons on time.

Kamrul : Then you must get up late in the morning.

Jamal : Yes, but what does that have to do with my results.

Kamrul: Getting up early will give you enough time to finish your studies. In the morning, the atmosphere is calm and quiet again. So we can pay due attention to our studies. If you also go for a walk for half an hour, it will remove your laziness and make your body and mind fit for study.

Jamal : I see, thank you very much for your good advice.

Kamrul : You’re welcome.

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