Dialogue about environment pollution

Write a dialogue between yourself and your friend, Sanjida about environment pollution.

Myself : Good afternoon, Sanjida.

Sanjida : Good afternoon. How are you?

Myself : Quite fine. And you?

Sanjida : I’m not so fine. I’m suffering from headache.

Myself: I think environment pollution is responsible for this, especially air pollution

Sanjida : How is our environment polluted?

Myself: Our environment is polluted in many ways. Air is constantly being polluted by smoke from mills, factories and monoxide gases emitted by motor Air, water and sound are the elements of our environment. vehicles. What do you think about water?  

Sanjida : I suppose water is polluted by waste chemicals or chemical fertilizer and other poisons.

Myself : You’re exactly right. Besides, sound from motor vehicles, aeroplanes, mills, factories, domestic appliances, radio, television, VCD, cassette player and so on also Pollute the environment.

Sanjida : But we should be careful about environment pollution collectively.

Myself : You’re absolutely right. Thank you.

Sanjida : Thank you and bye.

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