Dialogue importance of learning English

Write a dialogue between yourself and your friend Jamal about the importance of learning English.

Myself : Hello, Jamal, what is the result of your brother in the ssc exam.?

Jamal : What should I say; he has failed in English though he obtained GPA-4.

Myself : Really, I’m shocked to hear such a news. I can’t believe it.

Jamal : English has been taught as a compulsory subject in our educational system. Yet a large number of students fail in English every year.

Myself: Right, the students’ failure in English is so alarming that the whole nation is frightened for the future of the country.

Jamal : Actually there are many difficulties of learning English in our country.

Myself : You’re right, the method of English teaching here is quite unscientific and unsound.

Jamal: In the primary levels, teachers are not so efficient in teaching English. So students get no interest in learning English and it continues in higher levels too.

Myself: Defective syllabus, want of teachers, lack in language usage, scarcity of bookstall these are the difficulties of learning English.

Jamal : Exactly, I think govt. should take proper steps to remove these difficulties.

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