Uses and abuses of mobile phone dialogue

Write a dialogue between Monir and your friend Mamun about the uses and abuses of mobile phone.

A dialogue between Monir and my friend mamun.

Monir : Hello, Mamun, you look very cheerful! What’s the matter?

Mamun : I bought a mobile phone last night and I’m so happy.  

Monir : That’s good. But, what is the use of mobile phone?

Mamun : Mobile phone is an important medium of communication which helps intercommunication with the people in the shortest possible time.

Monir : Who are benefited through mobile phone?

Mamun : Specially businessmen and the service holders are much benefited through mobile phone.

Monir : What are the abuses of mobile phone?

Mamun : I think, by using mobile phone, the terrorists and criminals carry out their evil desires and commit crimes without much difficulty. Also it inspires the youths to see and involve in vulgarism. Monir : Thank you for giving me such valuable information.

Mamun : You’re welcome.

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