Tree plantation composition for class 8, 9, ssc and hsc

Introduction: Since the dawn of civilization, man has had a close relationship with nature. Man has made friends with nature. Nature helps us in many ways. Similarly, trees are closely related to our life. They are our friends. Trees play an important role in our lives and economy.

Extent of Plantation: Bangladesh is a low-lying country. The upper floors are the most suitable places for planting trees. Sea beaches and low-lying unused land can be used for tree planting. We can plant trees on both sides of roads and highways. Again, there are many suitable places in the villages that can be used for planting trees.

Right time to plant trees: June and July are the best time to plant trees. The tree planting program should be extended to the remote corner of the country. Officials associated with this program should take proper steps and necessary measures to make it successful. They should try to make it popular all over the country.

Trees provide us with food and vitamins: Trees are our best friends. They are our great source of food and vitamins. There are different types of fruit trees. They give us a variety of fruits that are rich in nutritional value and vitamins. They meet our local requirements.

They also fill our lack of vitamins. As a result, people can keep their body fit and healthy by consuming fruits. Again, we export the fruit to many other countries and earn a lot of foreign exchange.

Trees provide us with furniture: Trees are our constant companions in our daily lives. We use them for various purposes. We cannot think of our homes, houses, residences etc. without trees.

We use trees to make furniture, windows, doors for our home use. Valuable furniture is again made from these trees. We sell some pieces of valuable furniture abroad. Trees thus increase the beauty of our dwellings.

Its influence on the climate: Trees have a great influence on the climate. If we accidentally destroy the trees, one day the earth will turn into a great desert. Earth will bear the consequences of the greenhouse effect.

Again it will not rain and as a result the country will face a big crisis because ours is an agricultural country and our economy depends on agriculture. Our agriculture is once again dependent on rain. Trees play a vital role in our climate. Trees keep the soil strong. Trees save us from floods and many other natural disasters.

Conclusion: It is unnecessary to talk about the importance of trees. It is impossible to describe the meaning and use of trees in words. They are an integral part of our daily life. Without them we cannot think about our existence. Rabindranath says, “Go back to your forest, take your city.”

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