Birds of Bangladesh composition for class 6, 7 and 8

Our Bangladesh is a beautiful country. It is a land of woods and trees, hills and valleys, rivers, marshes and canals, wide open meadows. It has a moderate climate – neither too hot nor too cold. So this land is a happy abode of different species of birds. Birds have enhanced the beauty of our country. We sleep at night and wake up early in the morning to hear the sweet songs of different kinds of birds.

Different species of birds live in our country. They vary in color, size and habit. They eat different types of food. Some birds eat fish and meat, some eat worms and insects, some eat fruits and grains, some eat dirt and garbage. Birds are divided into many classes. It irritates birds, songbirds, birds of prey, game birds, migratory birds and tailors.

The crow is a very common bird in Bangladesh. It’s very clever. He steals food and other small things from our kitchen and from the hands of small babies. It looks ugly. Still, it’s useful. They feed on dead animals and dirty things. He has a harsh voice. The dragon also steals, chickens, fish and dirty things. He has a harsh voice.

There are many singing birds in Bangladesh. The cuckoo is the most popular of all songbirds. It comes to our country with the arrival of spring. Little boys and girls try to imitate the cuckoo when it sings. He hides behind the leaves. Shyma, the doe, koel, and bou-katha-kao, the nightingale are well-known songbirds. The doel is our national bird.

Parrot, mayna, chandana, cockatoo and martin are called talking birds. People domesticate them for their sweet voice and can speak like human beings if trained.

We have a lot of feathered animals. They are famous for their tasty flesh. The partridge, dove, pigeon, snipe, beech, heron, teal and duck are the most famous birds of a feather.

We have several predators. They are a vulture and a hawk. They feed mainly on meat and fish. These birds have sharp eyes and sharp nails. They swoop down on their prey. A vulture eats dead animals.

There are birds that build their nests with great skill. We are curious about their work. They are called tailor birds. The swallow, tuntun and babui are tailor birds.

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