Seasons in Bangladesh composition

Introduction: Six seasons visit Bangladesh every year. A new season appears every two months. Each season has its own characteristics. People feel different in every season.

Summer:- Its Characteristics: The first season in the Bengali calendar is summer. Baisakh and Jaistha represent summer. In summer, the sun is scorching hot. The heat is terrible. Ponds, canals, lakes and small rivers are drying up. There is a shortage of water everywhere. The earth is parched. People sweat at the slightest work and are tired and thirsty. It’s stiflingly hot. People cannot work in peace. Summer is also the season of various fruits. Various seasonal fruits ripen in summer. Sometimes Kalbaisakhi sweeps over the land causing damage and making many people homeless.

The Rains: After summer comes the rainy season. It is most welcome for people as it gives people respite from excessive heat. The sky is overcast with clouds and the sun cannot be seen for hours or days. Sometimes it rains heavily, sometimes cats and dogs and sometimes in small drops. Ponds, canals, lakes and rivers are full to the brim. The ground and roads are wet and muddy.

Rain is a great blessing to our country. Our agriculture depends on this rain. If the rain does not come on time, our farmers cannot harvest a good crop. Rain washes away dirt and grime. Everything in nature looks fresh. At this time, people move around on boats. Sometimes it rains so heavily that it causes floods and brings untold suffering to people.

Autumn: After the rain comes autumn. Bhadra and Aswin are the months of this season. The rain is not so abundant. The sky remains clear. Yet there are clouds floating in the sky. People especially farmers look happy because they go to the market with lots of jute and earn money. Hindus perform their Durga puja in this season.

Late Autumn: Fall has turned into late fall. It’s harvest season and the farmers look happy. They are busy with the harvest. They perform Nobanna. This also indicates the arrival of winter.

Winter: Late autumn is followed by winter. Winter looks bleak. The trees are bare of leaves. The days are very short and the nights very long. People are shivering with cold. Winter is pleasant for the rich because they
their warm clothes, but the poor suffer much from the cold. They burn dry leaves and straw to keep warm. Birds and other animals also suffer from colds. When they go to bed at night, people wrap themselves in blankets and blankets. During this season, various tasty vegetables grow and people eat them. It’s foggy season.

Spring: Spring is the best of all seasons. It is neither too cold nor too hot. Trees get new leaves and flowers. A gentle breeze blows and makes everyone happy. This season the sweet song of the cuckoo is heard.

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