Dialogue about brilliant success

Write a dialogue between yourself and your younger brother Faruk about his brilliant success, in the examination.

Myself : Hello, Faruk, How are you?

Faruk : Fine, thanks. And you?

Myself: I am so so, because I was worried about your result of Dakhil Exam published yesterday. So what’s about your result?

Faruk : Oh, you’ve not yet heard of my result. I got Golden A+. Are you pleased now?

Myself: Oh, my dear brother. Why not? Congratulation on your brilliant success.

Faruk : Is that all? Will you not make me happy with sweets?

Myself : Of course, why not? Let’s go to Mohan Chand Sweet House to buy some fresh sweetmeat.

Faruk : Ok, brother, let’s go. By the by, I’ve taken decision to take admission into Tanjimul Ummah Pre-Cadet Madrasah, Uttara.

Myself: I think it would be better for you because the teachers of the madrasah are very good. They can help the students to make brilliant result. So I hope you can make another glorious result in the Alim Exam.

Faruk : Yes, brother, I hope so and I have been cherishing this dream from my childhood.

Myself : Thank you, Asim.

Faruk : You are welcome.

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