Advantages and disadvantages of village life and city life dialogue

Akib and Akbar are two friends. Akbar lives in the town. On the other hand Akib lives in the village. Now, write a dialogue between the two friends on the advantages and disadvantages (সুবধিা এবং অসুবিধা) of village life and town life.

Ans: A dialogue between two friends about town life and country life:

Akbar : Hi, Akib when did you come back from your village home?

Akib: Last evening.

Akbar : How did you feel there?

Akib : Very fine. My mind didn’t want to come back. Akbar, have you ever been to a village?

Akbar : No, I had never gone to a village. I don’t like that slow mood of life.

Akib : Slow! What do you want to mean? It’s an opportunity to live in the midst of nature in the village.

Akbar : How funny! How can you stand on the dirty muddy roads? How dull, isolated life!

Akib : City life, intolerable, it’s full of noises, din and bustle. How faster, how restless the city life is! How can you deny the violences and terrible accidents?

Akbar: Still then, city life can provide better facilities. One can get better education, better treatment(ভালো চিকিতসা) and what not? I admit, you may enjoy the beauties of nature in the village.

Akib: Moreover, village people are not heartless like your so called civilized people of the town.

Akbar : Ok, ok. I love both the country life and city life. Don’t mind.

Akib : Surely not. Thank you.

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