Dialogue about how to improve English

a dialogue between two friends about improving English.

Ans: A dialogue between Farjana and Fariya about improving English.

Farjana : Hi Fariya, how are you?

Fariya: Not well at all.

Farjana : Why?

Fariya: I’m sorry that I could not do well in the examination. I want to improve my English. But how could I do so?

Farjana : Well. I am not an expert. I only can say how I have improved my skill (দক্ষতা) in English.

Fariya : Could you please let me know that.

Farjana : I read English story books which are written for the children. I read English newspapers, magazines etc. I hear English news. I also read English grammar whenever I get time. All these have helped me increasing my vocabulary.

Fariya : I can also do this.

Farjana: Yes, first of all you should shake off your fear for English. Moreover, I think everything in English whatever I do. It is very helpful for remembering English.

Fariya : I shall try my best from now. Thank you for your suggestion.

Farjana : Welcome.

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