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Entertainment was an integral part of our daily life. It stimulates a person’s working abilities and accelerates his vigor and energy. Since change is the fashion of the day in every walk of life, change is obviously found.

This is mainly due to the development of science and technology, the way of life, the availability of modern equipment. In the past, snake charmers, puppet shows, jatra, jarigan, sharigan, kobi gan were very popular.

But over time they lost their appeal. People’s tastes change. They are no longer interested in them. Television and satellite channels have now replaced the radio.

Even television is losing its appeal as young people are now more and more interested in computer games, facebook, twitter browsing, chatting and video games. Internet connection through mobile operators has taken the whole world captive to our young generation.

Each mobile set has become a magic box or Aladdin’s lamp, bringing all sorts of fun cultures and cultural quirks. As a result, people are no longer interested in spending time in old pastimes. Once upon a time, Oregami was a popular pastime. But now the robot occupied the brain of our young generation.

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Pastimes in Urban and Rural Areas

Entertainment is the spice of life because it removes the monotony and weariness of life. Entertainment varies from person to person and place to place. Entertainments in villages are not similar to entertainments in cities.

City people are exposed to all the modern amenities. Besides, their life is too mechanical. Therefore, he tries to get out of the hue and cry of city life. They usually go to the park with their children, visit zoos and parks for improvement.

In addition, watching TV, hiking, bird watching, camping, etc. were very popular among urban people. Therefore, they enjoy chatting in their free time.

It is remarkable that the parabolic antenna device has reached many remote villages of Bangladesh. As a result, people now enjoy watching television. Villagers also enjoy our indigenous games like Kabadi, Football, Ha-du-du etc.

Apart from this, they very often create a storm over a cup of tea in a tea stall about the political situation in the country. Thus, it is found that the pastimes of the urban people are different from those of the country people.

Leisure Activities or Pastime

Free time plays a very important role in a person’s life. It means the time when one is free from work. But free time never means idleness. Free time also indicates a period when a man is not bound to any scheduled work. In his free time, a man can do interesting things.

Some people like to listen to music. There are other people who enjoy gardening or reading books. In fact, free time is very stimulating for creativity. A man can easily develop his creativity by doing interesting things in his spare time.

In fact, free time provides ample space for a man to refresh his mind and achieve sanity. It gives a person enthusiasm for further work. In many developed countries, leisure activities have a special importance.

In Germany there is a German Leisure Association. In Bangladesh, rural people like to chat in their free time. But in busy cities, people spend their free time watching television. However, free time is an integral part of our daily life. So it should be used properly.

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