My hobby paragraph for class 7 and 8

A hobby is a favorite thing that a person does not because it is his main business, but because it brings him pleasure. There are so many trendy hobbies like stamp collecting, coins, photography etc.

But my favorite hobby is gardening. I dig the ground, plant the seeds and water the plants in my garden.It takes hard work, but it’s not tiring because it’s love. I can sit in my garden for hours watching the buds rises and branches sway in the breeze.

I believe that plants and their flowers are not speechless things. They have their own language that I understand. Although a hobby is a source of pleasure rather than a source of income, a hobby combines both.

My mother looks at it very kindly. My friends often ask me why! I chose gardening as my hobby when there are so many fashionable hobbies. Honestly, no one knows why he chose this hobby.

Perhaps his character is drawn to it. Therefore, hobbies are an indicator of a person’s character.

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