My childhood memories paragraph

Childhood is the sweetest and most memorable period in a person’s life. Every man or woman has childhood memories. I also have some memories. Very often these memories are reflected in my head.

Every time I remember my childhood years, I feel joy and happiness. Memories of playmates: I always remember the playground that was behind our house.

My friends and I rowed on the river, jumped into it and swam. Sometimes they caught fish on a hook. Memories of the fruit theft: The memory of the fruit theft still lingers fresh in my mind.

Together with my friends, I stole mangoes, lychees, black berries and other fruits. One day, some friends and I went to steal mangoes from the tree. But the owner of the tree caught us in the act.

We were shaking with fear. But the man did nothing. I will never forget this memory. My father took me to the nearest school for admission.
I was taken to the warden’s room. At first I was scared.

The director asked me a few questions. I could answer them correctly. I was allowed to enrol myself in the first class and I went to class. My classmates welcomed me warmly Memories of painful events: All my memories are not happy.

Some are painful and touching. The death of my grandmother is one of them. One morning I heard crying. I saw my grandmother’s body lying on the floor. He was covered with a white cloth. I could understand that she is no longer in the world.

I was very shocked and cried. It was the first death scene I saw with a heavy heart. I never will forget this sad event.

Paragraph:- Responsibility paragraph for ssc and hsc

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