Drug addiction paragraph for hsc

Drug addiction means strong attraction for taxing harmful drugs. It has become a world wide problem especially in teenagers. Drug refers to a substance that affects the nervous system.

Taking opium, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, morphine etc. A drug addicted man or woman cannot lead a peaceful and happy life. He/she always spends his/her time with nervousness and anxiety. Now drug addiction is not only a national, but also a global problem. This is the curse of modern civilization.

Frustration is the main cause of drug addiction. Degradation of religious values, lack of family ties, lack of love and affection, unemployment problem, all these are also the causes of drug addiction.

Many brilliant and active youths are affected by this deadly curse. Once they take it, they are caught in the death trap. It is sure that they are led to death slowly. It is time to fight against this dangerous enemy of our social life.

The alarming nature of drug must be highlighted and young generation must be aware of its danger. Strong public opinion must be taken away in order to eradicate drug addiction from society.

Paragraph:- An ideal student paragraph for ssc

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